Yueun Kang

Jennifer is about passionate technology, social issues, and world cultures. She loved debating in various Model UN conferences during the last four years in high school. Her favorite conferences involved conflicts arose from economic instability and social injustice. Her love for hiking prompted her to spend the last summer hiking the Appalachian Mountain for a month. Her goal for the year are improving her Spanish fluency, reading more books, researching and learning more about different fields she wants to pursue in college, and adopting a healthy daily routine.


Part of me becoming part of them

Today is September 25. It’s been two and a half weeks with my host family. Some part of me is surprised (“wait already!?”), and some part of me is surprised for a completely different  reason (“wait only!? I feel like I have known them for much longer!”) (First time I met mi familia) I am…

25 September, 2019


Current time – 11:39 pm  I know I should have written this blog during the global launch, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to write something. I’ve tried, but I didn’t know what to write. I think it is because I explained “why I wanted to take this gap year”, “what my goals” are to…

08 September, 2019

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Yueun Kang