Valencia Meredith

Valencia is passionate about music. She is involved in her school's band. She plays the drums. Her goals for the year are to experience and understand a culture different than her own, explore new philosophies and ideas, and to gain a family. Her favorite quote is "If you think your specialness is something you have to achieve, you will forever be seeking that specialness. It's like trying to become human. You're already there." She likes this quote because she realized that she does not have to prove that she is unique or special because just by being her, that already made her special.


How Was India?

How was India? What is India like? How can I answer such broad and complex questions? I could be lazy and give a single word answer like, “interesting” or a cliche phrase, “It’s totally different than what I was used to” (I’ve used both of these A LOT), but these answers don’t really answer the…

04 May, 2017

My Time In India

Here is a photo gallery of the things and people that made my time in India worthwhile 🙂 My Kids/ Apprenticeship My family My cohort (including staff) Travel   Celebrations/Traditions Miscellaneous Thanks 🙂

04 May, 2017

Going “Back” Home

A few days ago, during TS3, we were shown a Ted Talk. I do not remember the name of the Ted Talk, not even the speaker, but one message stuck with me- there is no going back. This speaker was a woman who stayed in many parts of the world. She is a Ghanaian, born…

09 April, 2017

Forming Relationships in India

Making friends is definitely not my forte. I’m a pretty awkward person. At times I even hold a conversation. So when I am able to make a genuine connection with a person, I don’t want to let that go. While living in India, I’ve had the chance to make these connections with people outside of…

09 April, 2017

Lessons From the Classroom

So while I’ve been in India, I’ve been working at a government school in Pune, India. And I have to say, it’s been quite an experience. When I first entered my classroom I was scared out of my mind. My first thought was “What am I getting myself into”. I had no training nor did…

26 March, 2017

The Time Will Come

The time will come When I will wake up And not recognize my surroundings.   I will soon remember That I am no longer home.   I will wake up in a foreign land Where i can speak everyone’s language But no one will not understand mine.   The time will come Where I will…

07 March, 2017


DIWALI FESTIVAL Two weeks ago, India’s Diwali celebration came to an end. During this 5 day Festival of Lights, India is in a craze. People are buying new clothes (or wearing their old, but really nice outfits), lighting firecrackers, placing candles around their home, creating Rangoli, making amazing snacks and cleaning their houses. Diwali is…

18 November, 2016

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Valencia Meredith