Tsion Horra

Tsion is an Ethiopian native and a soccer fanatic. As part of the International Baccalaureate program, she developed a love for learning about different cultures. She was named Star Student of her senior class and won a National Achievement Scholarship. Her passions include women's rights and hunger issues, and she even helped raise $5000 for the famine in East Africa.


The Nature of Poverty

I co-wrote this blog with Fikrte Abebe, a fellow Fellow. We were recently exposed to the results of a study done by the UN in 1998. The results were published in a book titled “Voices of the Poor.”  Through the reading we believe we have a deeper understanding of poverty. What we have come to…

08 May, 2013

Women, Sex, and Sexuality

I was raised to be chaste, to wait until marriage, to not discuss sex openly because if I were discussing sex openly then it must be that I have lax moral views towards it. I must not think that it is as sacred or solemn as I was thought to observe through the language our…

28 March, 2013

I am not my hair I am not my skin….

Growing up in a society with people who look exactly like me, I never truly understood the term racism and how it was talked about in American Schools.  I learned about slave ships, the civil war, and Martin Luther King Jr.  And every February I listened to the quotes made by famous black women and…

01 March, 2013

Single Parenthood in the Andean Mountains

One morning my host mother in Nizag and I were eating breakfast when I noticed the unusual abundance of eggs in the kitchen. Eggs, at $0.15 each, are expensive for my family. For this reason we eat eggs only occasionally. So I asked my host mom how we got them. My host mom bought the…

11 December, 2012


This is my new host family. By far, they are the most welcoming and loving group of people I have met in Ecuador. My 18 year-old host sister is this athletic ball of energy that monopolized my attention the first time I met her. My host brother is a jokester. My host parents, caring and…

05 December, 2012

Living in the Andean mountains within an indigenous Native American community: Check.

Lots of things have passed since the last time I wrote a blog: Fall Training at Stanford in August and in-country orientation in Quito from September and October. But by far the most interesting and challenging events happened to me in the last month and two weeks. Waking up in a rural village to the…

21 November, 2012

I Belong

Do you know the feeling? I mean the feeling of belonging somewhere, within something, or with someone? I do. Getting to this point or feeling, however, was by no means effortless. Unlike most of my classmates in high school, I was always indecisive and uncertain of my future; it scared me. I would always think…

10 July, 2012

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Tsion Horra