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Tseion Amare

Tseion Amare is passionate about Social Justice and Equity work, Music, Education, and Filmmaking. She is involved in Chosen Youth Group which is an Ethiopian-American young adult community, based in Seattle. She spends her time as a worship leader and mentors the youth in her home church. She also spent time in High School creating programs like the Student Swap which exchanges students from different educational backgrounds for a week to explore the way that systemic injustices impact their day to day lives. In her free time, she makes short films with her friends and plays the guitar. Her goals for the year are to meaningfully engage with a culture that is different from her own, practice discipline within herself, and create something new (in whatever form that may take). I am inspired by my dad. He has dedicated his life to what he believes is important and I hope to be that intentional one day.


Welcome to my blog!

October 18, 2018

Welcome to my Global Citizen Year blog! Subscribe and follow along on on my adventures during my gap year abroad.

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