Toni White


Levar água

Ok this shouldn’t be that bad Wait this might be harder than i thought No No there has to be an easier way. Yes, that’s what it is I’m doing it wrong This should work. Better Ah I feel pain again Ok I need a break Let’s look back and see how far I’ve gotten…

08 March, 2011

Looking Beyond

As a group we often go into different communities as part of our exploration of beautiful buildings, composed of people who dress in designer clothes, to areas where homes are built on water or children are begging for money as a way to support their family income. Often times before leaving to go on our…

25 February, 2011

Building a friendship without words

In this video Toni describes her relationship with her best friend, a relationship that has developed in the absence of spoken language altogether.

26 January, 2011


Imagine: Them: “Oi, qual é o seu nome?” Me: “ Huh”, “Nome?” Them: “Qual é o seu nome?” Me: “Toni” Pause Them: “Quais são algumas coisas que você gosta?” Me:  I dont understand what she is saying “ I dont speak Portuguege.” Them: “Quais são algumas coisas que você gosta de comer?” Me: What is…

14 October, 2010

First blog

All my life I broke boundaries that were set before me. As a child growing up in the South Bronx, I felt as though society had already dictated my future. My community is filled with people who do not really want much out of life; only seeking to make money. From a young age, I…

21 September, 2010

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Toni White