Tiffany Hurtado

Born on the Island of Curaçao, Tiffany Hurtado is passionate about sports, traveling, photography, cultural exchange, continuously creating connections with new people, and most importantly helping others. She loves to be involved and explore new territories to expand her interests and also challenge her comfort zone, therefore she helped organize events ( such as TEDx Youth Maastricht Conference), was part of an animal conservation project (The Sparking Elephant project), and was socially active by joining different clubs at school ( such as Dialogue club, African Dance club, Caribbean Dance Club). Her goals for the year are to learn new languages, to be inspired by her surroundings and leave a positive impact on her community. It's the people around her, her past experiences and also the urge to seek adventure that inspire her.


Just my sprinkle of Senegal – Capstone’18

Capstone video link:[vc_video link=’′]   I made a video for my capstone as my way of storytelling, because I thought that in that way I could more easily express what my 7-month experience was like. I was collecting footage since we got to Senegal, but not necessarily with the intention of making this capstone…

25 May, 2018

A few things I miss about my experience in Senegal

So 8 months have passed, and I’m currently writing this blog out of Curaçao and not Senegal anymore. It’s been around 2 weeks since we left and it still doesn’t feel real. Because of this I made a short list with things I miss about Senegal (In no way is it in order of what…

17 April, 2018

Xaaral tuuti, Maangiy Xaalat! (Wait for a second, I’m thinking!)

  I think since being here, I’ve had multiple ‘brain-fart’ moments trying to get out of my words. And this hasn’t only happened when I try to communicate with my family but also when I’m around other fellows. But I think learning a new language and continuously speaking to others in what is not necessarily…

13 March, 2018

More Than Just Sightseeing

It’s already been three months since I’ve been here and it feels like time is passing by both fast and slow.  During these three months, I’ve been both homesick and truly happy to be here. It’s hard to explain my experience, and what’s it’s like being here. So I decided to do a photo blog…

04 December, 2017

Reshaping my Classroom

It’s already been about eight weeks that I have been here in Senegal. And I’ve truly been blessed with a great environment, which includes a loving host-family ready to help me, a cohort ready to support me, and a family back home from whom I receive all the love and support. Nevertheless, it’s also been…

28 October, 2017

Je suis prêt!

So now that I’m done with high school, everyone asks me what’s next. I guess the obvious answer would be going to University, yet people are constantly surprised by my plans, which is often followed by the question ‘But why are you going to Senegal?’. And every time someone asks me this question I give…

24 August, 2017

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Tiffany Hurtado