Tiarnan Ferry

My name is Tiarnan Ferry, and I'm a senior at Williamsport Area High School in Williamsport PA, graduating on June 7th. I am passionate about the environment, and enjoy learning about and interacting with the ecosystems and animals that live in them. Reptiles and fish are two of my favorites, and I have loved snakes ever since I was a kid. Learning about ecosystems and animals in another country will be really exciting, and I hope to learn a lot about how the people there interact with them. One of my goals for the upcoming year is to find a species of snake or other reptile near where I will be living, and find a way to help the species better survive in the environment there. This could be something like cleaning up the habitat and preventing further contamination. Although I am not yet sure what I will be doing, I am very excited to travel and find out.


Inca Kola

Throughout my time in Ecuador, one interesting product I took a liking to was Inca Kola. This yellow Peruvian soda is not sold in the United States of course, but can be found in almost every Ecuadorian streetside store. The flavor is intriguingly bubblegummy (which I love), however many Ecuadorians I spoke to felt otherwise….

23 April, 2019

Shorts and a tee

A year ago today, I was bundled from head to toe freezing my toes off in the Pennsylvania winds of a late November night. I never thought a year later I’d be in shorts and a tee and walking to school, not to learn but to teach. It’s pretty amazing so far. No homework, and…

28 November, 2018


232. Right now I'm the 3, currently in Oakland, sandwiched between home and home. The first of which I lived for 18 years, and the second of which I'll live for a mere 7 months, though it will certainly feel much longer. I'm the 3…. three hours behind in time from where I'd be if…

26 August, 2018

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Tiarnan Ferry