Taylor Lawson

Taylor Lawson loves dreaming big and problem solving. In high school, they worked to promote social justice through a number of local organizations, like Youth Empowerment Council and the Latin American Coalition, as well as through school clubs like Gay-Straight Alliance and Diversity Club. In their spare time, Taylor enjoys knitting, playing D&D, writing, and making music. Taylor plays a number of instruments, including violin, viola, cello, guitar, ukulele and piano.


Back Together

Before we all reunited, I had my doubts. After so many months and hardships, I wasn’t sure that all the fellows could be back together with the same family dynamic we’d had before we met. While the first day was awkward, we quickly fell back into our friendships, learning about how we’ve all changed, and…

15 June, 2012

House of Broken Crickets

Being back in the US, I’m rediscovering little things that I forgot about. One that comes to mind as I listen to a confused chirping from the corner, is the crickets. My family isn’t sure why, but our house attracts crickets. Often they have missing or crushed limbs. Others are babies, so small that you…

15 June, 2012

Seeing is Believing

“Take me with you when you go.” It’s a request I hear often enough, and I’m fairly sure that most of the other Fellows aren’t strangers to it. It brings up a dilemma. I give them information about how to contact me and where I live, in case they ever find themselves in the states….

20 March, 2012

Almost Ecuadorian

Before leaving the United States, one of my directors told me, “You can pass for Ecuadorian, so you’ll have fewer problems.” Once we all got into the country, we began discussing how to blend in when going around the city. I absorbed these lessons like a sponge, and started observing and copying as instructed. I…

09 November, 2011

Thoughts on the Year Ahead

Name: Taylor Lawson Age: 18 Currently: a knitter, a musician and an idealist Favorite U.S. President: Thomas Jefferson Dream Occupation: a novelist/professor/research scientist/truck driver Hobbies: reading, watching BBC shows and collecting textbooks from Goodwill Religious/ Political Affiliation: none Finding Global Citizen Year was mostly an accident: I stumbled upon a Facebook ad(I don’t usually pay…

07 July, 2011

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Taylor Lawson