Tasha Torres

Tasha's passion for education goes all the way back to grade school when she used to help the kids in her class read and write, and she hopes to have the chance to teach English while she's in Senegal. During her last year of high school she started a Glee club, and was also a part of the drama club. She is proud of the six International Baccalaureate courses that she has taken, passing all of them. She enjoys reading in her spare time and has recently developed a love for the culinary arts.


An Uneven Balance

I have little over a month left here in Kedougou and it seems like so much time and yet not even close to enough time for me to experience all that there is to experience. Recently I noticed that I either have really horrible days where I can’t stand it here and other days I…

14 May, 2013

Oh Family!

Time is running out faster than expected and I’ve been thinking a lot about the time that I’ve spent here. I don’t know much about my workplace (I keep track of the books but I don’t really know how much things cost or even the names of a lot of the items we sell), My…

14 May, 2013

Bound Together by Dirt

Being dirty has taken on a whole new meaning since coming to Senegal. Before, dirty was spilling something on your clean clothes, not bathing when your body odor suggested that you do otherwise, Not having dirt covered clothing/shoes. Practicing good hygiene! Eight months later and what it means to be dirty is completely changed! (Here…

14 May, 2013

Hot Soup with a Face

The love of food is shared by everyone all around the world. The choice of food though, depends on location. You can find people that eat horse, dolphin, spiders, pigs, cows, goats etc. You might even find a dog lover or two. People have their preferences, I know I have mine. Before I came to…

26 February, 2013

A chance to grow, learn, experience…Appreciate

I live just outside the city limits of Kedougou in a house with a blue front door that I’ve come to know so well. I live with my dad (Baba Ibrahima), two moms (Nene Dialamba & Nene Ruggie), six brothers (Alseyni, Moustapha, Papa, Oumar, Aliou & Amadouwouri), one sister (Aissatou), and my grandma. After much…

09 January, 2013

Project Save The Kittens

Goodbye. I have said it time and time again over the past six weeks and each time it hasn’t gotten any easier. How do you say goodbye to your family and friends? How do you say goodbye to the wonderful people you met in California? How do you say goodbye to the host family that…

01 October, 2012

The Thrill of Living

It was a big decision for me, choosing to take a year off of college in exchange for the opportunity to study abroad in another country for a year. After overcoming the struggles of applying and getting rejected from numerous colleges, I applied to Global Citizen Year. This was my opportunity to live abroad and…

10 July, 2012

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Tasha Torres