Tanurah Plummer

Tanurah is passionate about nature, music, and travel. During high school, she participated in different activities around the community to help those around her as well as organizations that strived to provide for those in need. Her goals for the year are to embrace the culture around her as she lives in Brazil, gather new experiences, and another place to call home. She also hopes to learn Portuguese and develop a bond with her host family as she sees life from a whole new perspective. Her favorite quote is "The world is too big to stay in one place and life is too short to do just one thing".


"How’s Brazil?"

As you all know, I have been living here in Brazil for about 5 months now. These past months have been filled with so much adventure, excitement, sadness, challenges, and joy. I have made so many friends and memories throughout this journey. It is insane…

09 February, 2020

No Regrets

              2019 made six years since I went full pescatarian. No chicken, no cow, no pork, strictly seafood. I had no problem with it. A good portion of my family back home also partakes in this diet, so not much accommodation was required. My host…

14 January, 2020

Feliz Ano Novo

On the eve of 2020, I was lucky enough to take part in New Year’s Eve: Brazilian style. I was already familiar with the traditions of the holiday, here in Brazil and I could not wait to actually participate in and see everything firsthand.           …

08 January, 2020

Second Time’s the Charm

         As a part of the content-rich Global Citizen Year curriculum, us fellows are required to formulate some kind of community project before we leave our host country. Yes, we knew about this project long before we arrived in country, and YES, I waited until…

08 January, 2020

Adventures in Curitiba

This past week, I took a bus with the rest of the Brazil cohort up north to the city of Curitiba, 6 hours north of Florianopolis. It was nice to see somewhere other than where we are living for a little while. We stayed from…

25 November, 2019

You Got Moves?

The other day I took an Afro-Brazilian dance class with a few of the other fellows (if you didn’t know, that’s what us “gap year takers” in the Global Citizen Year program are referred to). We woke up at 6 am, and boarded a bus,…

24 November, 2019

Little Things

I’m back! :p   I figured this time, I would bring more smiles and rainbows and talk about what has become one of my favorite things to do while I am here in Brazil. After the first week of me being here, I realized how…

28 October, 2019


I have been here in Florianopolis, Brazil for about a month now. Everyone keeps asking me the famous question, “how’s Brazil?” Honestly, even after being here for a month, I still do not know the answer. I am living. I am experiencing, embracing, adapting, anticipating….

14 October, 2019

First Day Jitters

Preparing for Global Launch reminds me of when you ae getting ready for your first day of kindergarten. You’re so excited to make new friends and to meet your teachers and see your new classroom, etc. but you’re so anxious about leaving your family and…

21 August, 2019

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Tanurah Plummer