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The End

For my capstone I presented to a few of my high school classes about my experience doing GCY. I was reminded of my junior and senior year when it really seemed there was only one path, or only one "right" path, after high school. I told students how I wished there was someone telling me…

08 June, 2018

Writing While Away

India was the first time in a while I found myself with an abundance of unstructured time just to think. I read more for pleasure than I had for most of high school, discovered new and foreign music, explored a diverse and expansive culture, and wrote — music, journal entries, poems — about as much…

07 June, 2018

The First Goodbyes

This Thursday I said goodbye to all the students I’ve been teaching for the past seven months. The class wrote me notes, many of which asked me to stay or at the very least “come back monthly”. The concept of a visa and, well, money was a bit lost on them, but I was thankful…

31 March, 2018

No fear 2.0

I never stood out much in the States, at least not physically. I’m five two, with brown hair, and green eyes. Here, aside from my height, I couldn’t be more different from the people around me. At least on the outside. The stares and whispered words elicited purely by my pale skin scared me at…

08 November, 2017

No fear

I swear I thought it was a gun shot. But then I saw the orange sparks against the dark sky. Fire crackers. Ignited for me. I got out of the car and was welcomed by my sister Saroja. Eager to see my new home I left my chapals at the door and walked inside. A…

23 September, 2017

Ganesh Chaturthi Sept 5

Have you ever held hands with a stranger. Have you danced on pink sand and shouted into a crowd of red and white and brown. Have you felt the beat of a hundred drums vibrate through your bones. Been consumed in culture. Have you walked across a street full of people and cars and bikes…

07 September, 2017

Found out I was going to India…

my reaction. Couldn't be more excited. 

31 July, 2017

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