Surabhee Arjunwadkar

Surabhee is passionate about studying languages and different cultures as well as having long discussions about various socio-political issues all over the world. She is involved in a project that creates awareness about menstrual hygiene and promotes the use of menstrual cups. Her goals for the year are to learn Spanish, understand the Ecuadorian culture and immerse herself in the ever-changing nature of human culture.


Last Blog: Gratitude

Being home has given me time to reflect. I do not know yet what I have experienced, nor do I know how to make sense of it. I know, however, that I have grown a lot, grown into someone I am proud of. And I…

02 June, 2019

Gauri Vaishali Fuerez Navarrete

When I came to Ecuador, I had certain assumptions about how my life would look like. I didn’t know anything about anything and this is one of the things I had not expected. At all. During my second month with my host family, I found…

22 April, 2019

An Indian Girl’s Guide to Ecuador

(A short, not-comprehensive-at-all, possibly biased list of things that might help you thrive in Ecuador) 1. If you have two bottles of 100% pure Parachute coconut oil for your hair in an environment that is 20℃ or less, and no access to a heat source,…

15 February, 2019

What ‘Privilege’ Means

It is difficult to accept your privilege. Privilege is something I thought I didn’t have, something that only ‘rich’ people had. That is until I came to Ecuador. Somewhere in my mind, the word privilege had gained a negative connotation, that growing up privileged somehow…

07 October, 2018

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Surabhee Arjunwadkar