Stina Uro Edstrom

Stina is passionate about meeting new people, equality and learning about different cultures and ways of thinking. Previously she has been giving swimming and skin diving courses to children, and is currently working with sick and elderly people to help them with their needs, hear their stories and make their last days as enjoyable as possible. After living at United World College Red Cross Nordic, she has seen the change education makes in people's lives, and is now determined to try providing this opportunity to others through her stay in India. Her goals for this year are to be inspired and be inspiring when exchanging great stories with interesting people. She is looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of the Indian culture, learning how to cook Indian food and speaking both Hindi and Marathi.


“I am a star”

One of my first cultural shocks when I came to Pune was the amount of attention I got here. Wherever I turned, I would meet multiple eyes. Sellers would elbow their way past more interested costumers just to get to me. And people would speak…

31 January, 2016

How the days pass by

6.30 “It is time to wake up. It is 6.30” my alarm goes with the most annoying, monotonous voice I’ve heard. Had this been a perfect world, there would have been birds and sunshine waking me up. But it is not. And I start my…

31 January, 2016


  Seva – a service which is performed without any expectations of result or award for the person performing it   This November, the Global Citizen Year team joined Teach for India to Ahmedabad for their mid-year retreat. One of the events here was an evening dedicated to…

27 November, 2015

Live From The Field

Namaste! Tomorrow I leave for India, a country I for years have felt a connection with, without ever being able to explain why and what connects us. I am a bit nervous about the temperature, my lack of appropriate clothes and my Hindi which is…

27 August, 2015

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Stina Uro Edstrom