Spencer Wise Watson

Spencer is passionate about sociocultural linguistics. He is involved in World Cinema and English tutoring for Bosnian children at the United World College in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His goals for the year include learning Brazilian Portuguese, improving his admittedly lackluster football abilities, and becoming an integral part of the local community.


A Day at the Zoo

“The zoo has allowed me to further appreciate how nature and the animal kingdom are inseparable and how removing one from the other is neither sustainable nor ethical.” Approximately three weeks ago, I began working at the Amaru Zoologico y Bioparque, a local zoo about twenty minutes by bus from my hometown of Azogues. However,…

25 February, 2014

All Tomorrow’s Parties

“Whether we are born into a culture which emphasizes community over independence, or a society which values tradition over feminism, we cannot easily escape the influence in which they have upon us.” I hopped on the bus from Cuenca to Azogues and immediately made my way to the back. As with most people, I am particular about where I…

02 December, 2013

In Which the Protagonist Faces Abundant Confusion

“Finally,” I think, as I sigh contently at my new apprenticeship in Azogues, Ecuador. I have my own desk and practically my own office since no one works in the same room. The walls are covered in calendars highlighting ecological days throughout the year from the familiar (Earth Day – April 22nd) to the bizarre…

02 October, 2013

Adventures in Soliciting

If there is any key to fundraising, no matter the cause, it is most certainly being shameless. The art of asking for help can be difficult at first, but in the end there is not a more humbling yet vital skill to gain! It reminds me of a really fantastic TED Talk by one of my favorite musicians, Amanda…

13 August, 2013

A New Start

Hello, y’all! My name is Spencer Watson, and I live in Prairieville, Louisiana. For the past two years, I have studied at the United World College in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Living abroad was a life-changing experience for me, and it is part of the reason that I have decided to defer from Middlebury College…

19 July, 2013

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Spencer Wise Watson