Sophie Schonbach

Soph is German, a former UWC student and passionate about physically challenging herself trough sports, such as running, climbing or rugby, and representing her opinion on the topics of equality. She is involved in the TedEd community sharing thoughts on inclusion as well as several sports teams such as ultimate team of my former school. Her goals for the year are reflecting up on her UWC experience, taking time for herself and being able to fully absorb and understand the community she will be placed in with all the challenges it may provide. Based on her strong believes in gender equality, her favorite quotes is: "A gender-equal society would be one where the word 'gender' does not exist: where everyone can be themselves." by Gloria Steinem.


Capstone Project

What is that? The so-called “Capstone Project” is the final component of the program designed by Global Citizen Year that guides you through your Gap Year. It is part of the “Transitioning” phase and takes place in your home community. It is a platform to share and highlight the learnings and all other crucial aspects…

07 June, 2018

A collection of the only peoms I ever wrote (created in Senegal)

WAVE standing still, feeling the hot sand between the toes, the salt baked hair in the face, the hugging sun on the back and nothing but the endless blue in front thinking, observing but really just being , swimming in the love one shares for its peers suddenly a warm hand on the hips and…

07 June, 2018

Mame Diarra Diop

Mame Diarra Diop 2017 Oil on glass  38,1 x 10 cm I remember one of the numerous workshops we did throughout our seminars (GCY based). It encouraged us to try out different media to share and to use in our blog-posts. And so I decided to go for it. Now, this is not something I…

07 June, 2018

A short comment on hair (down there and everywhere)

So, about shaving this time, eh? And no I don’t want to discuss if I should let my moustache grow out or shave its or if somebody else should or shouldn’t do that, here it’s only gonna be about how I feel. Regarding shaving of course, no worries.   To start this off, let me…

14 March, 2018

Letter to my niece

Dear Magget,   The first time I looked into your eyes, you pushed your head as far as you could backwards and started searching around for something that never came. You were as tiny as one of the watermelons they sell in your country, and as stiff as one too. The only movement running through…

12 February, 2018

Why everybody can be a leader

I believe for one to join a program such as Global Citizen Year it takes a rather cheesy, naive and idealistic dreamer. It takes someone who is looking beyond their horizon with an indescribable curiosity to listen to the stories that humans as equal as ourselves are telling every day around the globe. It takes…

01 September, 2017

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Sophie Schonbach