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Sophie Librett



March 6, 2020

PACKING LIST  toothbrush  toothpaste  malaria pills contentment sweatshirt phone charger global perspective  being comfortable being uncomfortable  shampoo  bravery  humbleness socks underwear a sense of time that is more natural to nature knowledge that children are some of the best people to learn from shirts  pants  jewelry  smiles tears self awareness  a passion for absorbing the...

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A Simple Rendering of Fatou Bintou vs. Sophie

January 23, 2020

FATOU BINTOU  likes mayo eats meat puts up mosquito net is aware of hem lines tells time by calls to prayer follows a routine hand washes laundry lives on roof filters water showers outside spends cfa takes time for herself spends lots of time with kids BOTH drinks coffee eats fish journals goes with the...

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Sounds of Senegal

January 8, 2020

pictured in photo: Ndeye Marda and Mame Diarra 1. Whole Wide World(unpeeled) by Cage The Elephant       This song sounds like the mid morning market. 2. Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine         This song sounds like the way the sun rises in the morning. 3....

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10 experts from my journal, interpret however.

October 30, 2019

« Went on a walk today. Forgot to look up, when I did, I saw the beauty. » « No longer dreaded the day. Not quite excited yet. » « Smiled for no reason today other than I’m just happy to be here. » « Everything’s so colorful! » « My brother doesn’t have a...

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A letter to the tree in my yard

September 29, 2019

Dear tree in my yard, Thank you for providing shade from the blistering hot days. In this shade I have been able to bond with my family. In this shade I have been able to speak broken Wolof. In this shade I have seen the care children have for each other, as well as the...

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my first blog

August 22, 2019

Savoring Salt Lake City The closer I get to the Global Launch becomes more and more surreal. As I sit with my friends in conversation I have started to take a step back and appreciate all of the love and support around me. Everything from a small smile to a passionate hug has filled my...

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