Sophie Librett

Sophie Librett is passionate about making connections with those around her. She is involved in environmental issues as well the wellness of people around the globe. Sophie's goal for this year is to push her boundaries and soak in the cultures and communities around her. "Live with passion," is a quote that Sophie lives by.


10 experts from my journal, interpret however.

« Went on a walk today. Forgot to look up, when I did, I saw the beauty. » « No longer dreaded the day. Not quite excited yet. » « Smiled for no reason today other than I’m just happy to be here. » «…

30 October, 2019

A letter to the tree in my yard

Dear tree in my yard, Thank you for providing shade from the blistering hot days. In this shade I have been able to bond with my family. In this shade I have been able to speak broken Wolof. In this shade I have seen the…

29 September, 2019

my first blog

Savoring Salt Lake City The closer I get to the Global Launch becomes more and more surreal. As I sit with my friends in conversation I have started to take a step back and appreciate all of the love and support around me. Everything from…

22 August, 2019

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Sophie Librett