Sophia Pandelidis

Sophia is passionate about writing, culture and languages. She is involved in many singing groups and is co-president of her school's gender equality club, Herstory. She believes that the only way a person can truly grow is by gaining new and different experiences. In the coming year, Sophia hopes to form a strong relationship with her host family, become fluent in Spanish, stretch far outside her comfort zone, and remember to notice life's small moments. Her favorite quote is "Change occurs only when we stop living the expected life." --Unknown


Skating, Songs, and Salchipapas: A few of the things I am currently missing about Ecuador (in no particular order)

Sometimes you can't help getting a little sentimental… “El Lobo” I’m pretty sure my three-year-old sister, Sami, always had a boatload of energy at the  exact hour when I was ready to take a nap. However, I never failed to respond to her plea of,…

04 May, 2017

The Whole Story

So I made this video way back in November but had a lot of technical difficulties getting it posted ? Just a snapshot into the beginning portion of my Bridge Year in Ecuador! As I enter my final week in my host community, I realize…

28 March, 2017

A Week in Food

Wondering what I have been eating for the past six months? I decided to record a week of my eating habits just for you!   Tuesday, February 21 Banana, Hardboiled Egg, Tomate de Arbol Juice This is a very typical breakfast for me. You’ll see…

10 March, 2017

This is Ecuador: Musica

Music is an integral part of my every day life here in Ecuador, whether it be listening to "Safari" ten thousand times with the teenagers in the kitchen where I work, dancing to Widinson Bomba with my three year old sister before dinner, diligently learning…

08 February, 2017

The Epiphany of Utterly Underwhelming Travel

With my stomach lurching at each swell in the waves, jellyfish welts running up my arm, and my skin prickling with cold, I thought, This cannot get worse. The nauseating boat ride back from Isla de la Plata was absolutely the cherry on top to…

24 January, 2017

On Building Yourself from Scratch: Notes from Quito, Ecuador

I am not myself here. At least not yet. They say your identity may change or be challenged outside your context. They say you might be a different person–but maybe for a while you don’t feel like a person at all, just an outline with…

29 September, 2016

PDT: Listening to Learn and Learning to Listen

Quotes collected by Sophia Pandelidis Photos by Jasen Lo (Thank you!) At first, I planned for this project to be focused on small visual snapshots in order to contribute to my larger goal of living in the moment over my Bridge Year. However, as PDT…

04 September, 2016

Searching for a Home

I’m losing The Purple House this summer.   When I walk out the front door on August 19th with one magenta suitcase, a backpack, and a guitar in hand, I will never get to walk into my home again. It will never be mine again….

03 August, 2016

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Sophia Pandelidis