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Sophia Miller


Mid Year Moment

December 24, 2019

Today I had a mild moment of panic. The youngest of my mother‘s children, Mombousso is around ten. She is spunky, sassy and always seems to be working some angle, whether it be  getting a new dress tailored or a free lollipop from the boutique next door. Mombousso is impossible to say no to.  Due...

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Thoughts on Thiaba

October 20, 2019

Senegal is a strange place. After living in this new land for just over a month, I wish I could say I have it figured out. With no more questions, I wish I could say that I have conquered this land, my new home.  But everyday I wake with a loose plan for the day,...

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On the Edge of Adventure

August 30, 2019

If you were to walk through the Miller-Hermans house this week, you would find little piles everywhere. Boxes of tea and crackers in the kitchen, crucial  documents in the office, and clothes stacked in the guest bedroom all waiting to be neatly shoved into a beat-up suitcase.   But packing for the unknown is difficult. How...

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