Sophia Alfaro

Sophia Alfaro is passionate about working hard, learning, and trying new things. She is involved in sports, nannying, and being a part-time barista at her local Starbucks. Her goals for the upcoming year abroad are to help and care for others, learn many new things in and out of the classroom, and become a more well-rounded and balanced individual. She is inspired by those who make something out of nothing in their daily lives and who are exemplars of the "fall down nine times, get up ten" quote.


Notes to the things I’ve lost

I’ve been away from my permanent home for 7 months now. In that timespan I’ve lost too many things. Here’s my final goodbye to them all. The chain from a necklace that my first committed partner gifted me, that was accompanied by a one-of-kind topaz…

10 March, 2019

Transportation tips for Pune, India Visitors!

On Getting Around: India is huge, diverse, and always surprising. I believe I have tried every mode of transportation the city has to offer (the public bus, private and shared rickshaws, Uber, taxis, walking). I love to [try] to take the bus and walk everywhere…

03 March, 2019

What shopping in India has taught me

Patience: it takes time to find the “perfect” sari, have a custom blouse stitched for it, finding matching jewelry and a petticoat that will work. Stamina: I spent over 10 hours one day walking and shopping the busy streets of the city of Pune, India,…

31 January, 2019

Why I Don’t Feel Guilty About Doing "Nothing" On My Gap Year

When I applied to Global Citizen Year, it was with the intention of exploring a country different from the ones I know, meet like-minded individuals and increase my opportunities in life. It was never to delay my education, to escape, or to enforce what I…

23 January, 2019

Wayland Student Press Network Interview

My high school’s journalism class is writing articles on 2018 alum who have opted to go abroad after high school instead of college in the states. Here are my responses to their questions. Where did you go? Pune, Maharashtra, India Why did you pick that…

08 January, 2019

My First 3 Months in India (Video)

23 December, 2018

A reality check

I came in like a sparkler: bright, fun, and shooting embers in every direction. Now, I’ve burnt out. I’ve been held mid-air, slowly disintegrating, becoming smaller and less explosive. I am no longer reacting, no longer on fire. With nothing left to spark, to light,…

28 November, 2018


*Tch* Szo-Fi-Yahh. That’s the sound of whenever my host mom is disappointed or annoyed in something I did or didn’t do. One thing that I’ve loved about my host family is how immediately welcoming they are. How accepting they were and how respectful it was…

17 October, 2018

My Future Found Me

If a stranger were to ask me to describe myself, I would say I am annoyingly persistent, proactively procrastinated, and blindly determined. I'm unbalanced but still crossing the tightrope. When it comes to me, where there's a will, there's always a way. And that's how…

14 August, 2018

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Sophia Alfaro