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Skyler Narotsky

Skyler is passionate about learning languages and trying to understand the world on a personal level. He has been involved in acting, improvisational comedy, working with people, and learning to speak new languages. His goal for this year and the rest of his life is to expand his mind and forge new friendships across cultural barriers. He is inspired when he sees people coming together for the common good and succeeding in the end despite the obstacles and adversity in their way.


Photo Edition

June 6, 2016

​  20150911_083701.jpg ​​  20150920_151043_1.jpg ​​  20150920_153708.jpg ​​  20150927_121017.jpg ​​  20151010_171656.jpg ​​  20151012_123658.jpg ​​  20151103_102800.jpg ​​  20151115_125626.jpg ​​  20151115_175534.jpg ​​  20151227_112655.jpg ​​  20160121_144930.jpg ​​  20160130_151510.jpg ​​  20160207_140949.jpg ​​  20160312_145647.jpg ​​  20160312_165618.jpg ​​  20160312_165721.jpg ​​  20160312_165942.jpg ​​  20160312_170414.jpg ​​  20160312_182817.jpg ​​  20160314_164450.jpg ​​  20160314_165133.jpg ​​  20160321_105650.jpg ​​  20160322_141504.jpg ​​  20160406_111451.jpg ​​  DSC_2163.jpg ​​  DSC_2181.jpg ​​  DSC_2182.jpg ​​...

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My Apprenticeship

June 6, 2016

During my seven months in Cañar, I spent much of my time working at a local organization called Mushuk Yuyay. Kichwa for “new way of thinking,” Mushuk Yuyay is an agricultural organization whose structure consists of two parts: the Coop and the Association. The Coop serves as a community bank, holding people’s money as well...

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My Host Family

May 7, 2016

Hey there my awesome blog subscribers. I thought I'd use this blog to tell you all about my host family, the lovely people I lived with throughout my seven months in Cañar. My host family consists of six people, not including myself. There's Hatun Mama (grandma), Mama Carmela (mom), Tía María (aunt), Geovanny (brother), Lourdes...

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My Host Community

March 4, 2016

Three kilometers above sea level in the southern Ecuadorian Andes sits the ancient indigenous kichwa-speaking community of Cañar. Located in terrain consisting of steep ravines and grassy slopes, most Cañaris still work the fields as subsistence farmers producing crops native to the Andes such as quinoa and potatoes. As is typical in many agricultural communities,...

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Why This Is My First Blog Post

January 29, 2016

First off, I'd like to acknowledge that I am halfway through my time in Ecuador and this is my first blog. Sorry to all of you who have been patiently awaiting a blog post and haven't received one yet. Let me explain. I have been meaning to write one but all the time with the...

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About to Leave . . .

August 27, 2015

It's four in the morning and the shuttle leaves to take us to the airport in an hour. The Senegal cohort has already left to catch their flight and the rest of us are just sitting around playing games and chatting about the   events to come. To be completely honest,  as far as I know...

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