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Sinead Nardi-White


In Conclusion: A Stool

May 13, 2020

I’ve been back home in Virginia for about 2 months, and due to quarantine, I’ve had more time to myself than I expected to reflect on my experience as a Global Citizen Year fellow. I’ve looked through all my pictures on my phone repeatedly, chatted with fellow fellows about how re-entry is going, accidentally almost...

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Thoughts on leaving and telling my story

March 8, 2020

Just last week, I was sitting at my carpentry apprenticeship with my boss and the other apprentices, waiting for the heat to let up before we got back to work (it never really does, you just have to power through). I decided to use this time to read through my old blog posts. What struck...

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Books of my Gap Year

January 31, 2020

I quite literally do not think I could have survived these past five months without reading. Full stop. It is my English escape from how hard learning Wolof sometimes is, how I entertain myself when everyday life is moving slowly (aka Senegalese time), and a way to connect with the other GCY fellows since we’ve...

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A Day in the Life- Senegal

November 27, 2019

6:30 AM- wake up to a combination of my alarm clock, the multiple roosters and donkeys in the neighborhood, and the snorting of our horse who is tied up right outside my room (see photo of me, said horse, and the arm of a  smart person who knew not to let me hold the horse alone...

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Bird By Bird

October 10, 2019

It’s just after lunch on a Monday, and I am settling in to the typical afternoon routine I’ve developed after one month in my host family. I sit on the steps of our house with my book (important), my water bottle (even more important, especially if I’ve added a block of ice from the corner...

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Ke Kubugile

August 26, 2019

For as long as I can remember, reminders of my mom’s time in Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer have been present in my life- our house is decorated with art, furniture, and musical instruments from Botswana, she has come to do cultural presentations at my school, and her Peace Corps friends are like aunts...

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