Silvia Craig

Silvia is passionate about advocating for marginalized populations. She is involved in a club she created for her high school called World Empowerment, that focused on helping students transition in to high school and beyond. Silvia is a feminist and advocates for gun regulation. During her free time Silvia enjoys martial arts and playing guitar. Her goals for the year are to learn French/Wolof, become more self-aware/independent, and to have some adventures. Growing up in a multicultural family, Silvia is inspired by the many strong women that helped raise her.


Blog 2: The Toubab in Tivaouane

After frequently justifying an “audacious” decision, Embracing a future with an unconventional vision, College is on hold for a year long stall,  Instead of a campus I have headed to Senegal   Over two months gone with five left to live, My placement has proven…

14 November, 2019

Blog 1: The Adventure of Isolation

I may have procrastinated this blog, as it was technically due last night; admittedly not the best start. Though, until this moment I did not start reflecting on what leaving meant to me. I am currently an hour and ten minutes away from Dakar, soaring…

02 September, 2019

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Silvia Craig