Silvia Craig

Silvia is passionate about advocating for marginalized populations. She is involved in a club she created for her high school called World Empowerment, that focused on helping students transition in to high school and beyond. Silvia is a feminist and advocates for gun regulation. During her free time Silvia enjoys martial arts and playing guitar. Her goals for the year are to learn French/Wolof, become more self-aware/independent, and to have some adventures. Growing up in a multicultural family, Silvia is inspired by the many strong women that helped raise her.


Blog 4: Salam Malekoum

Salam Malekoum Mangi tudd Salka Fall (sama torondo Mauritania la dekk). Am naa fuki at ak jorom n ̃ent. Tivaouane laa dekk. Dafa tang ge ̈r! Janti bi dafa forte. Mangi n ̃ew a Se ́ne ́gal Septembre. Se ́ne ́gal laa dekk pour jorom beni wer yi. Americk laa joge wante sama Yaay mexique…

11 March, 2020

Blog 3: A City Well-Lived

Welcome to Tivaouane! This map shows the memories I have made over the past six months. Things to know: Tivaouane- I can only imagine how you are saying it in your head, let my help you out, it is pronounced Tee-wah-wuan. Tiva has a population of about 40,000. This is the second most urban site…

28 February, 2020

Blog 2: The Toubab in Tivaouane

After frequently justifying an “audacious” decision, Embracing a future with an unconventional vision, College is on hold for a year long stall,  Instead of a campus I have headed to Senegal   Over two months gone with five left to live, My placement has proven abundant in challenges to give, Trying not to countdown but…

14 November, 2019

Blog 1: The Adventure of Isolation

I may have procrastinated this blog, as it was technically due last night; admittedly not the best start. Though, until this moment I did not start reflecting on what leaving meant to me. I am currently an hour and ten minutes away from Dakar, soaring above a group of islands I have never heard about….

02 September, 2019

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Silvia Craig