Siera Sadowski

Siera Sadowski is passionate about poetry, classic literature and saving the world. She is involved and interested in figuring out how to solve class disparity in the U.S. and enact political reform worldwide. In her spare time she enjoys teaching herself calculus and studying the sacred scriptures of different religions. Her goals for the year are as follows: taste the (supposedly) delicious fruit of a babaco, climb a volcano, and make as many friends as possible. When asked about her favorite quote, she adamantly disclosed that she has an entire mason jar full of her favorites and such a question was blasphemous. However, if she had to choose, it would be from Madame Bovary: "One's duty is to feel what is great, cherish the beautiful, and to not accept the conventions of society with the ignominy that it imposes upon us."


French Bread

I couldn’t help it — my face split into a grin at the sight before me; it was my Mamí standing at the kitchen stove like she has everyday since I’ve known her (and long before), spatula in hand and aceite sizzling in the pan. What made me smile wasn’t this scene particularly, something that…

03 November, 2018

A Car on a Street in a Town

Rain patters onto the window of my car and streaks down in grayish hues, racing towards the tiny crevice where glass meets steel. Each drop is reflected back on to my outstretched arm, and it creates a beautiful design that no tattoo could compare to. I could sit there and watch the shifting patterns all…

24 August, 2018

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Siera Sadowski