Shauni Lustig

Shauni is passionate about swimming, learning Spanish, and women's rights. She is involved in the local swim team and during the previous summer she took part in the program, Education First, where she went to Costa Rica and stayed with a host family while she learned Spanish. Her goals for the year are to grow more spiritually and have a better understanding of different cultures.


Capstone project

The capstone project to me was a way for me to show people what I had experienced in Ecuador for the past year. It was a way for me to not only tell them how amazing the experience was but a way for me to show them videos from when the experiences were actually happening….

06 June, 2018


  For me the best and easiest way to tell a story is through a video. This video is called moments because it contains moments throughout my year in Ecuador, with Global Citizen Year, that I loved and that I think had an impact on me. The very first photo you see is the view…

25 May, 2018

This is Ecuador

This is a quick look into how Ecuador is small but so full of different environments. attachment-2.pdf

04 May, 2018

Trip from Quito to the South

This is a video I made showing our time in Quito until our arrival in the South. [vc_video link=’¬†‘]  

22 October, 2017

Realizations during experiences

When people say that having a sense of empathy changes your outlook on things, they’re not lying. This week I started my apprenticeship in la casa hogar para todos. For those who don’t know, this is an orphanage. I had mentioned many times before my disliking of children and how apprehensive I was towards starting…

16 October, 2017

A lot has happened in the transition to Ecuador

We have finally arrived in Quito, Ecuador after having our flight be delayed for another 5 days. We had been staying in Berkley, California which was different enough from my home to already give me some sense of culture shock as I have never been in a place like Berkley.  Looking back at it all…

26 September, 2017

Pre-departure thoughts and feelings

These last few days have been full of slow days and quality time spent with quality people. By slow days I mean that we didn’t do much in those days but man, did they go by fast. My mind is constantly racing thinking about how much this experience is about to impact my life. This…

24 August, 2017

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Shauni Lustig