Shannon Yuen

Shannon is passionate about theatre arts, brunches and the human race. She has led Fempo (Female Empowerment) -- a student-led initiation that aims at alleviating gender inequality and United World Schools -- an education NGO that helps fundraise for children entrapped in intergenerational poverty in the South East Asian region. Her goals for the year are to expose herself to the variety of cultures that India has to offer and to experience the real-life situation of a developing country. She is inspired by empathy.


To Hell with Political Correctness: The Calling of Joking Kinships

Listen up — I’ve got a confession to make: I call black people my slaves. Quite frequently. Matter of fact, I do it on a daily basis.   (Cue: “wow who do you think you are you self-entitled ill-informed privileged war-waging racist have you ever thought of how this could possibly oppress and violate the…

18 December, 2017

Of Neocolonialism and Other Cruelties of the World (and How to Deal With It)

’So — how’s Senegal? Are your eyes finally being opened to the cruelties of the world? The global north expunge the world's resources while the south scrimps for what little is left behind.” This Facebook message popped up on the screen of my phone as I plopped down in an internet cafe, ready to indulge…

29 November, 2017

Tubab (“White person”) Findings In Senegal

Let me take you on a simulation that is somewhat replicative of my first 1.5 months here in Senegal. And in case you do experience culture shock just from reading this and in case you do have trouble choosing your coping mechanism for it, take my advice: an excessively aggressive sense of humor never fails….

22 October, 2017

Social conventionalism, free will, and Senegal

The way I see it, too much social conventionalism makes you dumb and that free will is never quite free. (wow preachings from an edgy teen how insightful) But I say this only because I’ve experienced what most people have — realizing that they want from life is clouded by social expectations. So I managed…

12 October, 2017

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Shannon Yuen