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ShaLuJuan Williams

ShaLuJuan is passionate about civic engagement and education. Serving within her community as a participant with the Youth and Youth Government program since 8th grade, she developed into a political enthusiast, art admirer, social activist, explorer, life-long learner and sports fanatic. ShaLuJuan's involvements include interning for Senate campaigns and serving as a Youth Philanthropy Board member and a 2013 Washington Bus Summer Fellow. With each experience, her knowledge around the political process and drive to find innovative ways to engage young people increased. She believes in the idea that democracy must be learned by each generation. For her year in Brazil, ShaLuJuan is most excited to begin expanding her horizon, experiencing the world, and gaining a global perspective by learning from others with whom we share this world.


Be willing to take risks.

ShaLuJuan Williams


On April 25th, I screamed and jumped around – from what I recorded in my notes, “that was the best day of my life” To study abroad has always been on my mind. Born with a crazy spirit, indescribable imagination and abnormal curiosity to touch the world all over keeps me overly engaged in this quite...

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