Shakhi Begum

Shakhi moved to the United States with her family when she was twelve. When she moved to Cambridge, MA, she was fully exposed to a great diversity where she learned to be a positively open-minded individual. She spent her last three summers in a program called the Crimson Summer Academy at Harvard University with a group of people that changed her life in so many ways. She also joined Boston Cares in order to give back to the community. Shakhi is thrilled to be going in Senegal because it is a chance for her to immerse herself in another place, language, and culture and to continue to challenge and prepare herself for all that she wants to do in poverty alleviation, international workers rights, and global public health.


False Impression

Journal entry from March 19th. “Cai añ fi! Ceebujen bi neex na!” (Come eat here! The rice and fish is good!) Obviously I won’t turn this down. I have really good rice and fish in my house. Even my dear fellow friend, Lily, would agree with this. In my host family, there are four compounds…

28 June, 2014

Video for Capstone Presentation This is the link to my capstone video. I lost most of my videos but compiled a lot of pictures and put them together. This is just a little bit of my experiences I had while living in Senegal. I hope you all like it 😀  

24 June, 2014

Home away from Home

“Ban tubab? Ban tubab?” Every passing person from lamb bi, Senegalese wrestling match, managed to ignore the question Mere coco was asking. Mere coco was the nickname of  a woman in my neighborhood, who I have become really close with and call mom, thought that I had gotten hurt. She, like some women in Ndianda,…

27 March, 2014


The concept of having my own children ever since I started understanding life terrified me immensely. This is why I decided to adopt kids when I would settle down in life with everything. It’s a really weird coincidence that my apprenticeship is placed in Maternite Centre de Soins, a maternity health post here in Ndianda….

20 November, 2013

Jamm Rekk :)

Oh my god! The mangoes here are so good and really sweet. Same goes for almost all the people I have met so far. Other than the plane so close to the ground that it seems the airport is right in the kitchen, it’s ‘jamm rekk’, meaning ‘peace only’ in Wolof It’s been over a month…

10 October, 2013

Wait…WHAT? I am going to Senegal!?!!

Letting go of his little tiny hands, I knew I didn’t want to come to the United States of America. Warid was only four months old when my family moved here, leaving him with his mother, my older sister, Shammi. I loved them too much to leave them all the way on the other side…

16 July, 2013

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Shakhi Begum