Seneca Petry

Seneca is passionate about baking, all facets of music, fashion, and spending time with his friends and family. He is involved in feeding the homeless, ocean conservation, raising awareness about plastic pollution, and helping endangered and abused animals. His goals for the next year are to learn Portuguese (his first time straying from Mandarin), connect and learn from his local community, embrace new customs in a foreign environment (he has remained a diligent pescatarian up to this point in his life yet is psyched to dive into a culture fascinated with meats), and lastly return to New York with incredible stories, relationships and experiences. As the descendant of Jewish immigrants who strove to make a life for themselves in a strange new world, he is constantly inspired to be outgoing, open-minded and altruistic, and never lose the passion that his ancestors fought for with tooth and nail.


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Seneca Petry