Semira Sanchez

Semira, also known as Sammi, has a passion for working with people in her community. She volunteers as a camp counselor in Maine, works in homeless outreach programs near her home in Tampa, and dedicates almost every Saturday to working at a Senior Citizen Center where she organizes activities and enjoys listening to stories. Sammi also serves as the secretary of the Spanish Honor Society.


Senegal 2012 Fellows

Here is a video that I made for the 2012 Global Citizen Year Fellows of Senegal. I love you and miss you guys!   Enjoy!

22 May, 2012

Leaving is not the easiest thing to do.

Dear Journal, It’s my last night in my village of Ngouname, Palmarin, Senegal. I’m currently in the process of wrapping up my packing but I just cant get myself to finish putting the last five things I have in my room in my bag. It’s as if right when I’m done packing, it’s for sure…

22 May, 2012

Introducing: The Faye Family

Hello Sánchez Family! So as you know, you will be arriving to the wonderful, magnificent, sensational Senegal in only a matter of days. “YAY!” And guess what, people already know your names. So many people in my village are very anxious for your arrival, including me, and they cant wait to meet you. To make…

22 May, 2012

Jean Simeôn Faye

“I love you Jean!” “I love you Tamira (Semira)” Everyday, at least once a day, an exchange of an “I love you” was said between my two year old brother Jean and I. Since I have been here, Jean has become one of my best friends and my brother. Even though he is only two…

22 May, 2012

A Senegalese Birthday

For the Senegalese, birthdays are seen as ‘not a big deal.’ Since I’ve been here both my mom and my sister’s birthdays have passed, and they treated them just as another day going by. For example, when it came to my 7-year-old sisters birthday. In the morning I had jumped on her bed and yelled…

21 May, 2012


It was just a normal evening in Palmarin, Senegal. I had just eaten dinner and was sitting on the patio looking at the palm trees outside my house. All of a sudden a bunch of drumming interrupts my peace and quiet. All I see is children with powdered faces and drums coming to my house…

13 January, 2012

Papa Noël

In my village, not many people understand the concept of Santa Claus.  They don’t have Christmas music, stockings on the fireplace, no Christmas trees or Christmas caroling.  So for a Christian village it was quite odd for me to understand how they celebrated this holiday. One evening, I was sitting with my three siblings watching…

13 January, 2012

A New Kind of Home

In my room. Fan on. Raining outside. Its 10:30 am on a Sunday. While I sit here pondering what to write as my first Senegal post for Global Citizen Year, I feel as if I should give the post some justice. I want people who read my post to go through a mix of emotions….

11 November, 2011

The Start of the Beginning

Ever since I was in middle school, I’ve always wanted to take a gap year.  My family and I talked about it all through my high school years, so attending Global Citizen Year was the perfect match for me. I was introduced to this program by my chemistry teacher and automatically fell in love with…

06 July, 2011

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Semira Sanchez