Sarah Jane Jimenez

Sarah Jane is passionate about appreciating the duality of life. There is so much to learn when we are able to see value in the opposing aspects of life. She is driven by the power of community, protecting nature, and self-discovery. Sarah Jane's goals for this year are to immerse in and absorb the culture, and to let down her self-made walls to truly open up to others. Her favorite quote is "the unexamined life is not worth living" by Socrates.


Oh how the moments go…

It’s been quite a long time since I have written a blog. Moments have come and gone, and as of today there is one month left of this adventure. I cannot comprehend how that happened so fast. I’ve decided to share some of the photos taken during this time. ¡Siga no mas! Las muñecas en…

03 March, 2019

La Lluvia

It is the beginning of December, which means I have been here in Ecuador for about 3 months. To accurately express how my time here has been, I have found, is very difficult. However, what I have found is that la lluvia (the rain) has an interesting way of explaining my story. In Ecuador, there…

15 December, 2018

My Pre-departure Experience

Right now, I am sitting in the comfort of my bed in Berkeley, California. In 8 days I will be meeting GCY fellows and staff members at Stanford. In just 14 days I will be on a flight to Quito. It is definitely starting to feel more real now. To be honest, I have been…

19 August, 2018

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Sarah Jane Jimenez