Sara Barac

Sara Barac is walking wildfire with a passion for poetry and punk-rock. She's involved in writing and literature, viewing herself in a global context, and fighting the man. Inspired by language, art, and anthropology, her goal for the year is to stand on the edge of the wide world.


Facing Yourself In The Mirror, Lice and All

February 11th, 2017 Positivity, take one: I have lice and I love it. Also, I am lying. Only one of the statements above is true, and I’m sure that by now you have guess it is the loving it part. Yes, I have lice.  Positivity, take two: I hate washing my hair because it dries…

01 June, 2017

Musings on Gender and Tradition in Ecuador

The family I am placed in is undoubtably privileged in the grand scheme of things; they are extremely established in Pimampiro and their name is well-known. Additionally, they, like most folk perceived as respectable, are also Catholic. A prayer and crossing themselves before every trip, occasionally attending church, praying in a circle together, and reading…

18 January, 2017

Hermeneutics, Semantics, and Literature in Translation

Exploring language and literature, I have inevitably been faced with the question: why is language important? Simple sets of sound are assigned meanings and significance by means of cognitive recognition, shaped by the environment they are developed in. Certain words are specific to the society of their language, indicative of social and environmental beliefs and…

17 December, 2016

A Sara Synopsis: First Days in Quito, Ecuador

I leave for the San Francisco International Airport in roughly 5 hours, and I am now completely done with my Pre-Departure Training, sitting in a dorm in Stanford University trying to come to terms with the fact I am leaving behind everything I have ever known.   I’ve never been more in my element.  …

03 October, 2016

To the stressed high school seniors club:

Dear high school seniors: Maybe you’re starting your college applications right now, or receiving your decisions, all of which is pretty tumultuous with pressure from your parents, teachers, peers, and even the universities you might or might not want to go to. You’re stressed out about essays and test scores and grades, things you can’t…

03 October, 2016

4 Ways to Convince Your Parents: Value Can’t Be Quantified

First off, you can’t convince your parents. Not completely anyway, because I really think that parents need to convince themselves. You can talk about how a bridge year is going to change your life and you’ll return with a new set of skills and you’ll be a new person, but that doesn’t really mean anything…

23 September, 2016

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Sara Barac