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Sam Metzger

Sam is passionate about the environment and the challenges which come with climate change. She is involved in global missions, church, and art. This year she hopes to improve her fluency in French, broaden her perspective of the world, and identify problems facing west Africa that she can learn to build solutions to. Her favorite quote is "perhaps we need to accept the extent to which we are not, in fact, knowable" from an old newspaper article.


On Being A Toubab

January 4, 2020

Every day, and some days more than others, I am called a Toubab. “Toubab” is the Wolof word for “foreigner”, and due to my white skin, I am by default a toubab. One of the first things I learned how to say in Wolof was that I am not a toubab, and my name is...

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Time & Space

November 23, 2019

Time and space are peculiar and complex topics to ponder upon to begin with. In Senegal, time and space are different from anything else I’ve ever experienced. Time is nonexistent, yet longer and somehow, almost magically, always right. Space is smaller, but only because it is shared.  Time almost doesn’t exist here in Senegal. Do...

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October 21, 2019

If I had to choose one word to describe my first 7 weeks in Senegal, that word would be “itchy.” Besides the obvious mosquito bites, heat rash, and mysterious red bumps that cause me to scratch, there is an itch that my dirt-encrusted fingernails cannot reach. Deep within me, my experiences so far in Senegal...

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