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Rutendo Magade

Rutendo is passionate about art, poetry, and architecture. She has been involved in projects that involve working with children, such as 'Phuket Has Been Good To Us', as well as volunteering to teach at a primary school close to her home in Harare, as this is something that she also enjoys. Her goals for the year are to get to understand the Brazilian way of life on a personal level and to build long-lasting friendships all the while whilst working towards publishing her first poetry collection.



September 8, 2018

You don't need much for this trip, just one suitcase should be enough. Somewhere to pack a pair of jeans, a few shirts, and maybe a swimsuit. I hear the weather will be nice out. Maybe we could immerse ourselves in the ocean, let the salt stick onto our bodies, then when we wash it...

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The Beginning

August 26, 2018

Five hours before my flight to San Francisco. I’m sitting in a quiet restaurant at the airport. I found a nice corner where I am quite hidden from everyone else. I left home about 15 hours ago, and it’s funny to think that I am not going to see my parents and my three little...

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