Ruby MacMillan

Ruby MacMillan is passionate about the mountains, horseback riding, and alternative education. She is involved in teaching children acting and movement at her local children's theater. Her experiences doing so have led her to explore means of educating our youth in a manner that does not promote comparability, but individuality. Her goals for the year are to learn more about global education, explore the Senegalese landscape, and to document her adventure through photography and short stories.



My first weeks in my village, there was always another hand in mine, showing me the way- the tiny hand of Ramatou, my five year old host sister and the youngest of four others. I have found ceaseless inspiration from this sassy, prominent, divine little character. She laughs louder than anyone, has a knack for…

10 February, 2016

Cat Hunting

My host family likes to shoot cats with guns. Okay, maybe I can rephrase that since they’ve never actually hit one- my host family likes to shoot at cats with guns. For whatever reason, each time this happens I am in my hut or in the garden behind it reading, taking a bath, or simply…

13 January, 2016

A Reminder

In the southernmost reaches of Senegal, there sits a village known as Thianghe. Here, amidst a rough estimate of thirteen hundred others, lives a girl known as Hawa Diallo. She’s a toubab, or foreigner, and this she rarely forgets. She also has another name, yet this she often forgets. However, when it comes time to…

20 December, 2015

Going Home/Baptism

Written October 5th, 2015 Going Home The rain was coming down. When I say it was coming down, I mean it. I had never experienced rain that teemed down with such ferocity as this. I had spent the day in the back of a truck, with six other fellows who, one by one, were dropped…

31 October, 2015

Some thoughts before departure

A friend once asked me to imagine how it would feel to set foot on an earth that had never been touched by mankind. This evoked a vision of an enchanting natural paradise, where all beings function harmoniously with the land that grants them life. As I began to ponder this idea further, I started…

25 August, 2015

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Ruby MacMillan