Ruby Levin

Ruby Levin is passionate about dance, action, and self expression through art. She is involved in a dance program at her school and a pre-professional dance company. Some issues that are very important to her is equality, equal opportunity, and pushing past society's stereotypes that are placed on people due to their race, gender, social class, or ethnicity, because these don't define you. Her goals for the year are to learn things by action and experience, learn new dances, eat new foods, learn a new language, create friendships with new amazing folks, explore the beautiful country of Senegal, pickup life skills she can take with her in life, possibly pick up tailoring, share experiences and cultures, grow as a person, and soak up the beautiful sun! What inspires her is art, expression, and the ability to be your best self and to be persistent in the things you do. Whether that may be to climb a mountain, do something that challenges you, or to be the black sheep in a field of white sheep. It inspires her to be bold and do new things. Her favorite quote is "The mind is everything: what you think you become."


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Hi! Here is my blog called "Are ya ready big fella?!"(- the last line in my favorite Chance the Rapper album)  Thankyou -Ruby Levin from GCY Senegal '20 ———- Forwarded message ———From: Felice Levin <> Subject: edited blogTo: Ruby Levin <>  ARE YOU READY BIG…

28 October, 2019

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Ruby Levin