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Rosalie Bull

Rosalie Bull is passionate about human rights, particularly in providing universal access to opportunity while preserving and celebrating the unique cultures and ways of life found around the world. Her favorite quote is "Respond to every call that excites your spirit" (Rumi). Global Citizen Year is her first major attempt to live by this mantra and she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the world and see her future in a new light after this year. She wants this year to be the first major step in her journey to become a citizen of the world.


One month breathing has got me where?

June 2, 2016

I haven’t quite liked coming home. There have been moments of course, where happiness and familiarity and home flood into me like a long past due breath of oxygen, and I wonder where all my sticky resistance to this place comes from, and how I’ve gone so long without my family and my room and...

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If you can make sense of this gimme a call

April 19, 2016

Here we go; lets tell a goddam story. Eight months and you’d think I’d have the hang of this by now. Eight months and you’d think I’d have the hang of a lot of things. But anyways, I’m sitting here, my computer slowly burning out the last of its battery. And if I cant do...

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going home

April 18, 2016

I was still dressed in the tights I’d had on for my last meeting with the moon as I walked up to the bus this morning. My friends were ahead of me, loading luggage in the stale yellow light of a solitary lamp. Goodbyes were dulled by the heavy sleep we were pushing off. 4...

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big mango fiber filled smiles

February 3, 2016

I spend my days with my hands in the dirt. Its a lovely job; taking root in the black grittiness of the Amazonian soil. Something about it fills me up, and that fullness bubbles up and out of me in big mango fiber filled smiles. It pours itself out to the tune of Graceland. It...

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Hi I’m back! and other ramblings…

December 21, 2015

Hi   I’m back, and I’m sorry for the very very delayed blog. Ecuador swept me away, shook me around, made me its careless plaything, and continues to surprise me. Ecuador was, is, acting like a sour patch kid. A very early morning, very insistent bowl movement is met with a sleepy but bright sunrise....

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Clearing some things up

September 23, 2015

I just want to make sure everyone has a clear idea of what it is I’m doing here.      I’m not here to “help” Ecuador. I have about as much cultural understanding of this place as Buddy the Elf had for New York City when he first arrived. I have limited language ability. I...

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This is life.

August 30, 2015

  “It’s going to be hard.”   I’ve heard that so many times leading up to this moment, usually from my own smiling mouth.   “Oh yeah, it’ll be hard but definitely worth it.”    I have a new appreciation for those words after this week. This week, I got my first taste of hardship;...

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