Raymund Lee

Raymund (Ray) Lee is passionate about intercultural dialogue, linguistics, public health, and finishing books he started reading but abandoned halfway through for an indiscriminate reason. In high school, he was involved in providing volunteer services to underserved communities, founded an organization with the goal of teaching the Chinese and Korean languages to young students, and shaved his head to raise funds in support of childhood cancer research for the St. Baldrick's Foundation. Ray's goals for the year are to eat as many things as humanly possible, grow his hair back to its original state, obtain fluency in Spanish, and learn from others through meaningful connections and friendships. Ray is inspired by the how big the world is, both figuratively and literally, and he hopes to broaden his perspective of the globe.


Feliz Navidad – A Christmas Treat in San Pablo

  As a majority Catholic nation, Christmas is a special time here in Ecuador. Decorations are displayed in the windows of shops as early as late October, and by the first week of November many families have adorned their homes with trees, displays of the…

09 December, 2019

Ground Control to Major Tom

Today (9/14/2019) marks exactly one week with my host family, and it’s fair to say I feel like quite the space oddity in rural Ecuador.  What are some dead giveaways I’m a foreigner? For starters, I bump into almost any doorframe or object that’s around…

14 September, 2019

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Raymund Lee