Rachel Swartz

Rachel is passionate about people. She is involved in a program at her school called ASPEN (AIDS Student Peer Educators at Newport), an educational program in which a selected group of students teach their peers Advanced Health subject matter, specifically surrounding sexual health. She is also passionate about politics, and was Vice-President of her schools JSA (Junior State of America). Next year, she hopes to be able to take her love of people to create change, both in herself and those around her. Her favorite quote is, "If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace." - John Lennon


A Few Words About Words

Words. Letters together to form sounds in which we add intonation to drive our meaning- to show feeling. We are here in a place where the words you know are neither heard nor said- so you scream them- left with only you to hear the…

04 May, 2015


Sickness Day 1 – Started From the Bottom I awoke with a jolt during my first night living in San Pedro de Aucaparte. My cloth window had been blown across my bedroom allowing steady gusts of wind and rain make their way into my room….

01 April, 2015

An Average 24 Hours

Wake up at 5:30AM. 5:30AM-6:15AM: Generally spent washing clothes in Rio Napo. 6:15AM-7:00AM: Breakfast. Usually a combination of rice, eggs, bread, plantain, and of course, guayusa.* 7:05AM-3:30PM: Off to work at Sinchi Warm. There is no such thing as an average day at Sinchi Warmi. Potential activities include: Organizing…

21 November, 2014

Venturing Off the Grid

My Mother and I are currently stuck at Kansas International Airport on our way back home to Seattle. At this point we’ve been waiting for 2 hours due to “Tornado Warnings in Denver” whatever that means… I’ve always enjoyed sitting in Airports, there is something…

01 August, 2014

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Rachel Swartz