Phoebe Park

Phoebe Park is passionate about becoming a voice for those who do not have one as well as putting others before herself. She dreams of breaking the bamboo ceiling, creating equal opportunities across the economic strata, and advocating for women around the world.After a transformative year, she wishes to learn more about herself and the world through her relationships with the people she will meet in Ecuador. She also hopes to be confident in her Spanish, to leave with many memories that will last a lifetime, and to be more comfortable with the unknown. äóìWhy not me?äó -Brian Selander


The Story of the One-Legged Jeans

I finally found my item of significance from my bridge year: my one-legged jeans. I wore them practically every training seminar, a four-day series of sessions and dance parties with fellow fellows in my region in different parts of the country. Although I never wore them in my community, these half jeggings half booty shorts…

21 April, 2017

The Real Value of My Bridge Year: Understanding the Value of Family

As a foreigner coming into a small community, its difficult, isolating, and lonely. My Spanish was weak, my Korean features drew curious yet detached stares, and my fashion choices marked me as an outsider. I remember thinking by the end of the first month, why am I here? I don’t belong.   Especially going to the…

01 April, 2017

Immersed At Last, Immersed At Last

Live with a family. Have a local job. Go deeper than a traveler. Become part of a community and make a meaningful and informed contribution. Go from they to we. On Global Citizen Year’s website, immersion is defined in this way. I’ve heard the word a hundred times before and during this program thus far,…

10 February, 2017

9 Times E.T. Described My Life as a Foreigner

I finally brought myself to watch E.T. after years of being too scared to face the wrinkly faced alien. Although the beginning still freaked me out, watching some Steven Spielberg was definitely a great idea. As I was sitting on a bean bag chair in my host family's living room with my youngest sister, I…

08 November, 2016

To Those Making the Decision to Go Crazy, Early

Ding! I get a notification to view my Facebook’s On This Day. In an Ecuadorian coffee shop, I open a post from exactly one year ago on October 31. I remember so very clearly the months of bitterness that ensued for the following months. The Chainsmokers, SNBRN, Big Gigantic, and Yacht Club were just some…

02 November, 2016

Hiking Pichincha

Peering up at the relentless slopes that stretched on for what seemed like eternity, I didn't think I could finish the hike. Yet I did, or at least our group of six made it all the way to the base of the last slope that led all the way up to the volcano. The view…

11 September, 2016

Finding Comfort in the Unknown

I’m still re-learning what it means to find my way around without a set of instructions. I think I’ve forgotten to enjoy life outside of the schedule written in the white boxes of my planner. At moment’s glance, it seems that I have everything in life figured out, but a closer look will expose that…

16 August, 2016

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Phoebe Park