Paulina Jedrzejowski

Paulina is passionate about learning how the growth of the economy in developing countries affects social problems within these countries. Paulina has been involved in her community through preparing food for the homeless with the Global Kids Organizations, leading workshops and conferences on Sexual Health Education, restoring a rundown bus shelter, leading the largest student run conference in New York City on Youth Activism, petitioning for the Arms Trade Treaty, and interning at the Council on Foreign Relations. Paulina is also the President of the Dreamers Club through which she advocates for the passage of the Dream Act. Paulina wants to learn about Brazilian culture and leave an imprint on her community. Her favorite quote is the following: "To come to know everything, do not want to know something in nothing. To come to have everything do not want to have something in nothing. To come to be everything do not want to be something in nothing" - Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II)



“Bom dia. Tudo bem? Como voce esta?” has become so embedded into my vocabulary that returning to the English, “Good morning. How are you?” will be very difficult. As I speak to my mom on SKYPE I sometimes say Portuguese words not knowing that I have spoken in Portuguese unless my mom makes a confused…

11 May, 2015

Animal Planet

I walk into a building of two rooms, and the smell of parrots, toucans, and macaws hits me as I think about another day of taking care of these poor animals. In a corner I see a large cage on top of which I see a blanket. There is a heater facing the cage, the…

11 May, 2015

Is Globalization actually Globalization or is it something else?

Walking down the cobbled stone street or “rua” in Portuguese I look up at the stores that surround me, “Loja Americana” says the sign on one store, a few stores down I see the two yellow arcs forming the famous “M” of “McDonalds”, I hear the latest American Pop hits, I see signs for “batata…

10 May, 2015

Lessons Learned

As I was departing the United States just eight months ago I did not want to leave my comfort zone. A few weeks before leaving I remember glancing over this quote, “Surrender to what is, Let go of what was, Have faith in what will be.” I was unable to let go of what was…

07 May, 2015

Bursting the bubble of a Single Story Christmas

White powdery snow covers the front sidewalk in the city that never sleeps as the last bell of the year rings. The warm sofa heated by the fireplace invites children as they cuddle under blanket holding a cup of fresh hot cocoa. My dad drives to upstate New York to bring back hay that we…

06 April, 2015

A few thoughts from Paulinas desk

Last Wednesday I came home from Garopaba, and I started to think about whatåÊa friend and I spoke about on the bus going back home that night. The fear of leaving behind childhood, the fear of entering the unknown world of adulthood. This year is important – I made a significant break in my education…

06 April, 2015

When you Face Two Roads Diverged, Pick the One that Seems Harder

Feeling the harness bite into my thighs and stomach, I knew that the pain was only for my safety and I had to do this to begin the journey of overcoming fear. As I looked up the ladder, I knew that I had to climb about two hundred feet to begin the journey… I still had an…

21 October, 2014

Canvases Painted with Tears

In three weeks I will be leaving for an adventure of a lifetime – Brazil. I have always dreamed about going to Brazil but I never thought I would be going there for eight months with a leadership development organization… Today I was reading through quotes as I do when I am bored or when…

31 July, 2014

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Paulina Jedrzejowski