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Capstone project – My Brazilian Journey

Through my capstone project, I was able to relive the beautiful memories I have made of a place that has grown so close to my heart in only 8 months. We often don’t realize how much the experiences we are going through are making us…

06 June, 2018


Home has always been an ambiguous word for me. Is it where I have grown up? Is it where my ancestors come from? Is it where I am living at the moment? Or is it even somewhere I might end up in the future? For…

05 June, 2018

What to do in Florianópolis

1-  BEACHES Since Florianópolis is an island, it has more than 40 beaches, each one more beautiful than the other. Challenge yourself to get to know all of the beaches on this magnificent island. There are beaches with huge waves like Joaquina, Mole, Morro das Pedras,…

29 May, 2018

Q&A Blog

This blog’s purpose is to answer some questions I’d received. Application process- do they have any specific requirements? How hard is it to get a scholarship? What are the factors affecting the fact of getting a scholarship? The Global Citizen Year application process is quite…

30 March, 2018

Lost in Translation – For Portuguese-English speakers!

You know how when you try to translate a phrase from one language to another it makes no sense at all sometimes? That is exactly what I recently started experiencing. Even though English is not my first language, I have been exposed to it since…

24 March, 2018

Getting Lost – Again

Coming from a country where buses are not considered a normal mean of transportation, it is not surprising that I found myself lost trying to figure out the bus system in Florianópolis far too many times. I remember the first time my host sister explained…

28 February, 2018

Five Reasons Why College Can Wait

You just graduated high school, what’s next? Going to college/university. You finished your undergraduate degree, what’s next? Get your master’s degree, what’s next? Get your PhD, find a job, buy a house, build a family, etc…   This is the mindset I have grown up…

25 September, 2017

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