Pablo Quezada Cortés

Pablo is from Santiago, Chile and since 2014 he has been experiencing the rhythms of globalisation and multiculturalism. Being part of an student's generation that have been edifying the Educational Social Movement over the last years within Chile and, afterward, being part of the UWC movement as student in UWCSEA East Campus, Pablo has developed and put in practice its interest in Politics, Philosophy and Culture. From its participation in the Chilean student-led mobilisations since 2011 to projects such as UWC Korea Youth Peace Leadership Forum 2015 at the DMZ and the celebration of the UN Literacy Day 2015 at UWCSEA East Campus, Pablo has learned the importance of transcultural tolerance, equity and justice into the development of fair societies. His goals for the year are to immerse in a new community in order to create a relationship of mutual learning and contribution and to learn a new language -French- that it will make possible the previous aim. "What, then, is the purpose of Utopia? It is to cause us to advance." Eduardo Galeano.


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Pablo Quezada Cortés