Or Pansky

Or Pansky is passionate about Middle Eastern politics. He is involved in professional cycling and ran a workshop about the possibility of a one state solution between Israel and Palestine in a youth initiated and led International Peace Conference in his school (United World College Maastricht). His goals for the year is using the obtained experience and knowledge, that was gained from helping the local community in Ecuador and finding ways in which it could be applied in his home country (Israel). In addition he also wants to become a fluent Spanish speaker. His favorite quote is : "Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi


Lessons I learnt

Lessons I learnt It’s been roughly a month since I returned back from my bridge year with Global Citizen Year. The time – in combination with the lack of friends – has allowed me to reflect and think back upon my year, and draw some…

03 June, 2016

On Saying Goodbye

I have moved a lot of times in my life – as I probably mentioned to every person in my vicinity over the past year – and I remember from a very young age, the difficulty of changing your environment on a two to three…

24 May, 2016

In praise of those who help those around them

I think you were the first person, to actually make me feel truly inspired here. There was something abut the way you carried yourself around in the house, how you smiled at everyone in the streets, and how you would patiently wait, to interpret my…

21 January, 2016

On Gratitude

On Gratitude And….. I smiled. I think a better way to describe how I was feeling in the end of my first 10 kilometre race, is gratefulness. You see, in my life I always run when i need to go through things, or think something…

28 November, 2015

In The Midst Of It All

You don’t really understand it, until you go through it. I present to you – immersion week: About two weeks ago, each of us, within the Ecuadorian cohort, received their site placements for the coming six and a half months. I was placed in a…

05 October, 2015

From fear and indecisiveness to anticipation and excitement

About three months ago I was accepted to Global Citizen Year. In all honesty, I freaked out. After the rigours application process, which frankly took weeks, I was doubting if a bridge year is the right decision for me. Following two weeks of an attempt…

01 September, 2015

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Or Pansky