Noah Montemarano

Noah Montemarano is an avid reader of history and politics, a pianist, and theater fan. He is a graduate the Richard Montgomery IB program where he sat on the drama board, produced the school One Acts Festival, and was vice-president of the school History Club. In the coming year, he hopes befriend and inspire the children he teaches in the classroom, as well as keep a regular journal about his time in India. "Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." - James Baldwin


TFI School Part 2

Hi everyone. Sorry again for the delay. I’ve written several different posts I’ve decided to keep private. Regardless, after a few concerned emails (and some uncharacteristically nice texts from friends 🙂 )  I thought I should inform everyone of my new school situation.  I am no longer the full time social science teacher. My role…

26 January, 2018

An Average Day

To give you a more accurate picture of my time in Pune, I’ve posted my general Monday- Thursday schedule. Since my last post was sort of depressing, hopefully this will give some context that TFI is not my entire life. 🙂 THE MORNING 6:15 AM: Wake up to my phone alarm clock. Dress in khakis…

14 December, 2017

My TFI School

  PART I: STARTING WITH TFI   When I decided to spend seven months in Pune, I agreed to a part-time apprenticeship for Teach for India. This meant I’d assist a low-income school by tutoring individual children, grading papers, and leading after-school activities. From the start of the program I had no inflated misconception about…

14 December, 2017

Differences in Culture / Lifestyle

Seeing that my last blog post emphasized shared humanity within my host family,  I thought it fitting to now emphasize the differences in both local culture and lifestyle. I’ve written a short list of the most noticeable and unexpected differences in the local community. Out of respect, I’d like to preface that this is not…

05 November, 2017

My Host Family

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long wait! Hopefully, as my apprenticeship schedule becomes more routine, I’ll post more regularly. The subject of today’s blog is my host family. I don’t wish to draw any profound meaning from my interactions with them. I only want to share you a piece of my life by painting brief…

18 October, 2017

In-Flight Update / Horrors of the Indian Embassy

Dear reader,  Hello! I’m writing this second blog post on my flight from Washington DC to San Francisco, where I will spend one week in preparation with other Fellows for our trip to India! I’m seated next to my friend Elise (check out her blog at and we’re both super excited to meet our…

28 August, 2017

Why I’m Taking a Gap Year

I’ve always thought of myself as a good student. I work hard. I pay attention in all my classes. I receive decent grades and test scores. Yet when I come home and sit in front of my schoolwork, I dread it. This isn’t the boredom that some students feel about school work altogether; I enjoy…

21 August, 2017

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