Noah Applebaum

Noah is passionate about soccer and learning new languages. He is involved in many fundraising groups and volunteering groups that help out in his community. Going to a boarding school for high school has made Noah independent, self-sufficient, and a hard community service worker. Noah is also involved with his school and club soccer team and school track & field team. Noah's goals are to learn a new language, help out in his community and make life long friends.


The Importance of Family

Written November 2014 —- My host family picked me up from my program today. I was nervous at first but mi mami, Rosanna, came up to me, smiled, and said ‰ÛÏmijo!‰Û (my son). She hugged me as if I was her own. We arrived back…

08 June, 2015

4 Unforgettable Moments in Ecuador

1.During my region change, I was in a stressful place. I didn’t have a host family, a job,or really any feeling of belonging since I was in a state of limbo. During this time Istayed with a friend who lives in the outer part of…

29 April, 2015

Are We Givers or Are We Takers?

As I sit in my kitchen typing on my expensive laptop from the United States, I lookover my right shoulder at our dinner; a big cauldron of boiling corn over a fire I hadbuilt. The juxtaposition of these two items made me think. A previous…

02 April, 2015

October 8th

I frantically opened my eyes to an intolerable screeching noise. I checked my phone for the time. It was 5:42 AM. The screeching sound was coming from outside a small window in the top corner of my room. A dim light from the rising sun…

14 November, 2014

Why I Chose Ecuador and Global Citizen Year.

I’ve always had a yearning to learn the Spanish language. Something about it drew me to it. My mother’s side of the family is from Spain. When they came to America, they weren’t too keen on the fact that they were “different.” They stopped sending…

16 August, 2014

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Noah Applebaum