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Nisha Gharti Magar

Nisha is passionate about learning different languages and helping people. She grew up in Kopila Valley Childrens Home in Nepal so she has been involved with helping kids in her school and helping those affected by flood and earthquake in her hometown. Her goals for the year are to be fluent in Spanish and learn more about Ecuadorian cultures. My legal guardian/mother who raised me since I was seven years old is the one who inspires me because she came to Nepal when she was 17 from New Jersey while she was on a gap year to India and opened a Childrens Home in Nepal where I was her first daughter. She teaches people to love, to be kind and to share and she believes that we all can make this world a better place.


Teranga Senegal

March 27, 2019

“Senegal amna teranga” was one of the first sentencesI learnt when I first came to Senegal. It means Senegal has hospitality and it is very true and people here are very proud of it. Senegalese people are one of the kindest, sharing, caring and open hearted people I’ve met. It is believed here that if...

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Nepali girl surprised to hear/see this in Senegal

March 10, 2019

1. Are you married? (even if you look 15 years old) 2. Do you wanna be my 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife? (Senegalese men are legally allowed to have 4 wives) 3. I love you so much (it’s your first time meeting them) 4. Can you cook Ceebujen? (Ceebujen is a senegalese dish of...

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Greetings in Khombole

March 10, 2019

Greetings are different in every culture and here in Senegal specifically greetings are different in different part of the countries. Where I am currently located, it is mostly inhabited by Wolof people which is also the biggest ethnic group in Senegal. Greetings starts from Salam Walekum and Nanga def which means basically hello and how...

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After dinner bonding

October 30, 2018

I never thought I would find myself in a country that’s thousands of miles away from home and be able to share so much love in a new community. Last night me and my family had a lot of laughter after dinner. They do not speak English and I am still learning Wolof so communication...

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30 days in Senegal

September 30, 2018

Its been a month since I got in Senegal. I live with a host family of 8 in a small town called Khombole. When we moved in with our host families we all got a senegales name and I don’t know why that is but I am called Mamdaba Fall Ndiaye. I am named after...

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Family manifesto

August 25, 2018

I have the biggest family in the world. When I say big i mean REALLY  BIG. I am the first to 50 sisters and brothers with lots of uncles and aunties in the house. Though we are not related by blood, we are related by heart and by love. I love this wall in our...

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