Nicolas Livon-Navarro

Nicolas is passionate about helping the environment, watching and playing soccer, and being Latino. He is involved in club and high school soccer, and is an avid member of marine conservation club. He also enjoys spending time with his friends and listening to rap music. His favorite quote is "find what you love and let it kill you" -Charles Bukowski


Blog 6

     Today is March 1st, which is crazy because I have exactly 34 days until I leave my host family and 37 until I leave Brazil. It's kind of hard to wrap my head around it but its here, the final month of my journey. I have mixed emotions about leaving so soon. On the…

01 March, 2018

Blog 5

     As a kid, I never took much pleasure in reading. I would do it when I had to, but it was never something I would do voluntarily. Dyslexia made it hard for me to read without giving me headaches, especially in English since it was my second language. Although I hated reading, I really…

01 March, 2018

Blog V

One of the toughest things for me on this trip has been balancing my  emotions. A gap year to a whole new country is an emotionally exhausting experience in and of itself. Every day I experience a type of emotional roller-coaster that I seldom experienced before embarking on this  journey. I fade in and out…

23 October, 2017

Blog IV

It’s been Thirty-four days since I arrived on this incredible island.  Thirty-four days since I moved to this new place I’ll, one day call  home. I know this process will change me in so many ways and looking  back on how different I was will be crazy, but being in it is overwhelming. Overwhelming in the…

23 October, 2017

Blog III

It’s really hard for me to sit here in front of my computer with a large white screen in front of me and try to put into words what my experience here is like. I learned in school that there are two types of experiences that circle around two types of happiness. The first is…

09 October, 2017

Blog II

I moved in with my host family and they have been so welcoming it’s insane. I think I’ve been able to adapt really well this beginning because of a lot of things I’ve learned through my life. Every day my understanding skills skyrocket exponentially as I learn new words and see new things, while my…

26 September, 2017

First Blog!

I am from Buenos Aires, from the pinchos al carbon in the hot summer heat. I am from my family in Madrid and Pamplona. I am from the beautiful game that is futbol, the game that raised me and showed me to kick before i could walk. I am from my little sister, and the…

27 August, 2017

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Nicolas Livon-Navarro