Nick Cleveland-Stout

Nick Cleveland-Stout is passionate for adventure. He is always searching for the next one, and it is always just around the corner. He is involved in cross country, tennis, and volunteer work at his local YMCA. His goals for the year are to make lots of friends and go to college with a larger sense of purpose.


How I joined a Brazilian Band

It was getting kind of late. I was ready to head home. I checked the bus schedule to see if I could still catch the last bus. “We could go back to my house.” Artur offered. Artur was a funny guy. I had just met him and didn't know much about him, but he had…

26 October, 2017

Capoeira is Treachery

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14 October, 2017

Mystery of the Sambaqui

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21 September, 2017

Ronaldinho in the Nike Employee Store

What had I been thinking? The black sneakers I had bought were way too big. It was like one of the seven dwarves trying to fit into Cinderella's slipper. I looked like a giant human L with them on. Opening the door to the Nike Employee store, there seemed to be a rush of excitement…

03 August, 2017

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Nick Cleveland-Stout