Nicholas Marx

Nicholas Marx gets his kicks blaring the Bad Suns while driving down I-64 in Louisville, Kentucky. He enjoys getting schooled in basketball by his summer camp kids at the YMCA and attending free concerts along the Ohio River. His goals for his year in Senegal are to become fluent in French and learn how to play the guitar. No quote better encapsulates Nicholas than "Ooh woo, I'm a rebel just for kicks. I been feeling it since 1966. Might be over now, but I feel it still."


Frivolous Living

In the dismissal of gods, one stands alone. They hold no power, no spirit of resistance, no fervor in rebellious notions. While the faithful stand naked before their gods, few stand truly naked, empty of expectation or desire and deserving no divine kindness. Many claim to shed the crutch of religion, quite eager to cast…

07 June, 2018

As I Slept

  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel, My name is Nicholas Marx and I would like to share with you a few influential moments of my gap year, and their broader context in world events. As a fellow Kentuckian and a loyal adversary, I feel like these experiences may help you focus on the issues in…

15 February, 2018

Welcome to your life

    05:00 – The call to prayer shudders you from your sleep, darkness still shielding the character traits of day from your greedy eyes. The “Allahuakbar” continues as you turn restlessly, taking this brief moment of consciousness to readjust the strewn blankets for optimal comfort. You lay back, the minarets concluding their call, and…

24 January, 2018

Song Music Piece Thingy

The harmony begins, differentiating the song from a vast sea of chords. These lyrically enumerated notes flood, formulating the niceties of music in overlapping strides. Layer after layer blankets the melody, each sheet attributing complexity, spirit and personality on the previous. Instruments struck seemingly in disunity clutch ever more desperately to the crucible of their…

10 November, 2017

My Body -Young the Giant

What is a name? Back home, my name is my sense of belonging.  It’s what my friends call me, How my parents beckon my presence, How teachers measure my attendance. How trivial is a name? My friends often misspeak my name, My parents confuse it with a sibling’s My teachers skip it all together.  In…

14 September, 2017

It’s A Trip! -Joywave

If by happenstance you ever find your eyes analyzing the stunning yet complacent midwestern skyline of Louisville, Kentucky, your eyes will bear witness to three features: the towering steel testaments to corporate ingenuity we laymen and women call skyscrapers, the various monolithic steeples ominously signaling impending religious exercises, and the few fading factories of the…

05 August, 2017

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Nicholas Marx