Nephraterie Smith

My name is Nephraterie Smith and I am passionate about gathering the stories of disenfranchised and communities of color . I am involved in equity and inclusion initiatives such as People of Color Point of View, POC POV, which is a group my best friends a I started to give students of color and avenue of expression and community. I am also involved in curating art show featuring artists of color and upcoming youth and community leaders in a community that is being gentrified and trying to keeps is roots alive. My goals for the year is to actively participate in the community I am placed in, but to integrate into their experience and make it my own while expanding my worldview and bringing back knowledge for my family in the states. My inspiration comes from my ancestors before and the generations that follow.


A Spoonful of Honey

All it takes to defeat oneself is an overdose of confidence and an empty belly.  When I was a little girl, my sister and I followed the strict “Candy Friday Rule.” Every other Friday, we would have rows and flavours of enticing, diabetes giving candy. This being the idea of my father, who I can…

18 January, 2020

Market Mayhem

No one in this world could’ve ever told me that the color of fruit would be inspiring my days, projects, and styles. When I wake up in the morning to pick 9 different fruits and vegetables that I will be eating in a day to when I take a picture of a mango on my…

18 January, 2020

Viva El Paro

10:31 October 13th was when I could finally take a breath. The past two weeks had been filled with anxiety, curiosity, boredom, learning, and confusion. From protests taking place outside the homes and jobs of our team leaders and fellows to running out of food, gas, and for some, freedom. As Buddy and I were…

18 January, 2020

The Space In Between

“Beauty comes from expiration,” is what I was told this week. So does that mean that all of the beautiful experiences, people, and things will only truly show their value and essence at the end of this journey? So you see, I took this gap year in search of beauty. A beauty that could not…

19 September, 2019

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Nephraterie Smith